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An Introduction To Bluon Energy Tdx 20 Refrigerant

Why you want to learn about Tdx 20 from Bluon Energy


Freon(R-22) is steadily being phased out of use and within a few years, it will be completely obsolete. This transition has left homeowners searching for a safe, affordable, and effective alternative. The major problem exists with homeowners who still have equipment that relies on Freon. Their only options are to continue investing in dangerous and expensive Freon recharges or to completely replace their HVAC-R system. Neither of these are ideal options.

It wasn’t until recently that a new alternative came onto the market. The answer to this growing problem is Bluon Energy, also known as Tdx 20. Bluon is a refrigerant that relies on a phase shift process very similar to Freon. It’s so similar that it is still capable of being used in an existing Freon system. However, it is more affordable, safer, and more effective.

bluon energy r20


The ability to keep your existing equipment is one of the strongest advantages of Bluon energy. There are several alternative refrigerants hitting the market, but none of them can work with the same equipment that utilized Freon. There are simply too many differences in pressure, temperature, and stability to make that possible.

Bluon, on the other hand, was designed to be a direct replacement for Freon. One that works in much of the same way, but more efficiently and with less of an impact on the environment. The many benefits of using Tdx 20 make it the best choice for refrigerant whether you’re a homeowner or run a business. It’s already the go-to choice for large corporations, warehouses, and factories across the country that used to utilize Freon.


Use Less Energy

There are multiple ways that a transition to Bluon could reduce your energy consumption. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, wasting less energy and thus saving more money is always in your best interest. The energy efficiency of Bluon is not only higher than R-22, but also higher than many of the alternative refrigerants that are now entering the market. There are two primary ways in which Tdx 20 conserves energy.

The first way that it conserves energy is via improved compressor stability. This can be observed when using Tdx 20 in an existing R-22 unit under the exact same operating conditions. The compressor is more easily stabilized, thus reducing amp draw, conserving energy, and saving you money.

Using R-22 in a unit creates a constant fluctuation in amp draw due to the compressor. The compressor can quickly shift from pulling 70 amps to pulling nearly 100 in very little time. In most cases, it can equate to an average amp draw of around 86. However, it’s the sudden shifts that consume more energy and also create wear and tear on the compressor. The result is that your unit needs to be repaired earlier than it would be normally.

In comparison, a compressor relying on Bluon Energy refrigerant will maintain a smooth and consistent amp draw throughout most of its usage. The average amp draw is also much lower at around 73 amps. It rarely, if ever, peaks as high as a unit using Freon would. Most units never draw more than 83 amps during phase A.

The second way that Tdx 20 conserves energy is by modifying the phase changes. Bluon is capable of operating at lower pressures and transferring heat across the entire coil, rather than in small sections like with most other refrigerants. By utilizing the entire coil for heat transfer, the refrigerant is capable of working much more efficiently in terms of energy and expense. This also reduces the workload on the compressor and increases its lifespan.

On average, an existing unit that uses Bluon will operate between 5 to 25 percent more efficiently than the same unit using Freon. Alternative refrigerants like R-407C would actually operate less efficiently than Freon.

TDX 20 Refrigerant


Don’t Waste Money On A New Unit

HVAC-R infrastructure is not cheap by any means. Some homeowners and business owners only recently upgraded their units to the latest models, but models that still rely on R-22. As the R-22 ban takes place, those people are left with a tough decision. It will still be legal to purchase R-22 to refill their units, but it’s going to be considerably more expensive than before. The alternative is to completely replace their unit with a condenser that uses an alternative refrigerant.

Bluon Energy can be used to protect your investment in your HVAC-R system. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on new heating and cooling infrastructure when you can utilize your existing unit with an alternative refrigerant.

The introduction of Tdx 20 has saved companies across the country millions of dollars. Businesses like Carl’s Jr, Kaiser Permanente, and Fox Studios have already begun using Bluon Energy instead of replacing the units located in all of their studios, warehouses, restaurants, and office buildings.

Better Refrigerant For The Planet

On the surface, older R-22 is actually more efficient than many of the replacement refrigerants entering the market today. The problem is that R-22 has had a significant negative impact on the environment. Customers are being forced to choose between efficiency or damaging the environment. You shouldn’t be forced to make that choice. Bluon manages to improve in both regards. It’s more efficient and it has a smaller impact on the planet.

Bluon decreases environmental impact in several ways. The first of which is by reducing energy consumption as discussed early. The Tdx 20 also has a much lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). Finally, the lower operating pressure of the refrigerant decreases the likelihood of a hazardous leak occurring.

The Next Step In Bluon Energy Technology

Bluon Tdx 20 is the obvious next step in refrigerant technology. There are several competitors on the market, but none of them have the same high level of efficiency, low operating cost, decreased environmental impact, and can still run using your existing infrastructure. More and more businesses and homeowners are investing in Bluon on a daily basis. Now is the best time to make a change and invest as well.

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